Cięcie laserem rur i profili

Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

Laser Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 enables longitudinal cutting and cutting out shapes in pipes, square profiles, rectangular profiles and oval profiles, etc. The maximum external dimension of the workpiece is 250 mm. The swivel head

Heat insulation

  VanElastic VanElastic insulation is aluminium foil which is designed for exhaust systems assembled in diesel engines, where the temperature in the exhaust system does not exceed 550°C. Exhaust components are isolated with strips of

Pipe bending

We produce pipes made from both side’s aluminized steel and stainless steel (inox) from diameter fi 12,0 mm to fi 152,4 mm. We also have the option to bend the tube with variable radius. All

Profile bending

We offer profile bending services. Regardless of the shape of the profile (square, rectangular, etc.), the bent elements will be perfect and always the same. We provide maximum repeatability and geometric precision, also on complex

3D laser cutting

Our 5-axis 3D laser cutting machine allows us to laser-cut all three-dimensional details, such as bent pipes, hydroformed pipes, pre-formed pipes, pre-welded pipes, flat and / or extruded surfaces, etc. It is possible to cut

2D laser cutting

Our wide range of services also includes a 2D and 3D laser cutting service. Laser technology ensures high cutting precision and speed with smooth edges, doing away with the requirement for further machining. With laser

Bending services

The laser cutting service is complemented with a bending service of cutted parts from metal. We have: – 160 ton CNC bending brake (and 3,00 m wide), – 170 ton CNC bending brake (and 4,00

Embossed elements

We have a number of computer-controlled hydraulic presses with pressures ranging from 200 to 650 tonnes with the largest working table measuring 1300 mm x 1300 mm. Combined with 3D laser cutting, they ensure fast,


Vanstar company offers its customers turning services on a horizontal turning center, CNC – OKUMA Genos L300E-MY Basic device specifications: – maximal diameter of turning: Ф 340 mm, – maximal length of turning: 1020 mm,


Milling service which is offered by Vanstar company is processing on vertical milling center CNC – OKUMA Genos M560-V. Basic device specification: – spindle speed range 50 – 12000RPM, – work table size: 1300mm x

Tumble finishing

We have the possibility of large scale: degreasing, deburring and grinding (from coarse to small up to finishing) products of various shapes, especially long elements and flat elements that tend to stick together (so called

Powder painting

We offer definitely the most effective from all modern metal painting methods. Unlike of traditional varnishes (paints), powder coatings provide smooth coatings, without cracks, streaks, bubbles and wrinkles. They are used for protective, anticorrosive and