Vanstar was established in 1993.

During its first years of operations, the company was engaged in the manufacture of exhaust systems and these components were designed for commercial trucks which were manufactured by Polish companies. Responding to the client’s demands, we then extended our offer to include complete exhaust systems for all leading makes of commercial vehicles.

Throughout all the years of Vanstar’s operations we have constantly been building up our prominent positions in the European markets by improving the production quality and technology. The crucial events in the history of Vanstar took place in the years 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2017, when new production facilities started to be operational, and the ISO-TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards were implemented. This allowed us to increase the volume and efficiency of the production, and added to still better quality.


Vanstar offer

Our production plant consists of much numerically controlled (CNC) machinery. We take advantage of the latest solutions at all stages of the production process, including the fabrication of instruments and tools needed for new products. The company’s tool-maker’s shop substantially facilitates speedy implementation of products, no matter how technologically sophisticated they might be. Our CNC machines can be found at each stage of the production of components, starting from the laser cutting of metal sheet, through the bending of pipes, metal working and fitting, to the manufacturing of end products. The products are inspected at many points of the process, including its final quality control carried out by our specialist division equipped, among others, with a CIMCORE laser measuring arm and scanner.

We use advanced 3D design programs, such as: Solid Edge, Delcam PowerINSPECT. All data are transmitted direct to the machinery computers which further production processes. As a consequence, we avoid human errors.

Production techniques and the latest instruments allow the manufacture of exhaust system components practically with minimum welding. Due to this the durability of our products is higher than the ones made by our competitors. We take every measure to achieve the standard identical to that demonstrated by the original products.

Vanstar offer includes advanced solutions for production industry. Most of our machines are computer-controlled CNC. Design of production elements is done on a computer in CAD programs. Data is sent directly to machines. We avoid mistakes caused by human factors as well as we get high performance and precision.


Our technological capabilities include:

– production of exhaust pipes, intake and cooling systems,
– profile bending,
– laser cutting of flat and three-dimensional elements (including embossed elements, bent tubes and profiles),
– turning and milling,
– emboss elements on hydraulic presses,
– Vibro-processing,
– performing quality tests,
– carrying out pressure tests,
– CAD-CAM design services.