Heat insulation



VanElastic insulation is aluminium foil which is designed for exhaust systems assembled in diesel engines, where the temperature in the exhaust system does not exceed 550°C. Exhaust components are isolated with strips of aluminium foil (which provide a heat shield), combined with glass fibre (which is a thermal insulator). Two or three layers of the tape are enough to significantly lower the temperature on the outside of the exhaust system. The insulation is protected by the elastomer, which is vulcanized when the exhaust system warms.



The Vanstar VanMaterial thermal mat is intended for use on products that reach temperatures of 900°C. These could be: exhaust pipes, silencers, catalysts or particulate filters. Van Material isolation is individually adjusted to the specific element, so it fits perfectly.



VanInox insulation film is composed of stainless steel (outside) and glass fibers (in the middle). It is used on the elements of the exhaust system, where the operating temperature is close to 1000°C. This characteristic is achieved mostly in the most modern engines that meet Euro 5, 6 emission standards or are fuelled by gaseous fuels – CNG. Due to its specific chemical composition and a process of producing, the insulation VanInox has excellent resistance to constant temperature of about 1000°C, and instantaneous temperature of 1600°C.