Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

Laser Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 enables longitudinal cutting and cutting out shapes in pipes, square profiles, rectangular profiles and oval profiles, etc. The maximum external dimension of the workpiece is 250 mm. The swivel head enables high-quality miter cuts up to 45°. The clamping system used in the device keeps the material in place without damaging its coating. The self-centering clamping system with continuous sensor monitoring adapts to each geometry of the processed material. The optical sensor allows you to recognize the location of the welding seam, which allows its accurate positioning. The “spatter protection device” solution used in TruLaser Tube 7000 protects the interior of the treated pipe from spatters. Thanks to the excellent quality of the CO2 laser beam, a precise and reliable cut is achieved. Finished details are automatically unloaded onto the band table avoiding surface damage.

Maximum wall thickness of the workpiece:
– constructional steel: 8 mm,
– stainless steel: 6 mm,
– aluminum alloy: 5 mm.
The maximum length of the element:
– 6500 mm.